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2024. 6. 21 Number 29  |  publisher Kyong-hui Choi


South And North Development


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Just as Sand means sand in English, the SAND Research Institute will fill the empty space in inter-Korean relations and North Korea research amid the social focus, and communicate with society with a confident attitude and innovative research results. The SAND Research Institute, comprised of researchers from North and South Korea, will play its role as the main material to build a new 'house of unification' and pave the 'path to unification', just as sand is used as a key material for semiconductors in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Issue Brief


'Dangerous Deal': Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin's Pact for Immediate Military Assistance

North Korea and Russia have agreed to provide "immediate military assistance" if either faces a military invasion. This is viewed as a revival of the "automatic military intervention" clause, transforming their relationship into a "military alliance." Concerns arise that Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin...



Kim Tae-hoon, Lawyer

Chairman of North Korean Human Rights

North Korea's Complicity in Russian War Should Be Actively Considered for Referral to the ICC

As Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to North Korea seems imminent, a senior official from the presidential office recently stated that “President Putin’s visit to North Korea is just days away,” making it almost certain.



Kwak Gil-sup

President of One Korea Center

South Korea’s Response to North Korea's 'Trash Terror': Festina Lente

Since May 28, North Korea has sent trash into South Korean airspace four times (as of June 14). While North Korea's abnormal behavior is not a recent occurrence, this provocation marks a new low in the history of leaflet distribution.

NK Focus


Why North Korea is Removing Traces of Kim Jong-un’s Biological Mother on Her 20th Death Anniversary

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Kim Jong-un's biological mother, Ko Yong-hui's death (May 24). North Korea has recently started recalling and deleting videos related to her, sparking interest as it seems aimed at removing traces of Kim Jong-un's Korean-Japanese heritage.

Feature Article Series


Jeon Byung-kil

Senior Consultant of YESInnovation former of Secretary General of UniKorea Foundation

Marketing In North Korea (3) - Do women only mean flowers?

In the spring of 2009, L'Osservatore Romano, the Vatican's official newspaper, announced that the greatest contribution to women's liberation in the 20th century was neither the pill nor the right to work, but the washing machine. In addition, according to a survey conducted by MBC

Current Affairs Analysis


Kyung Suk Lee

Incheon National University

Driving Forces of Pyongyang’s Military and Diplomatic Assertiveness

Why did Pyongyang adopt assertive nuclear postures indicating a preemptive use of nuclear weapons? What was the underlying rationale that Kim Jung Un called South Korea as a primary foe? Overall how can we fathom Pyongyang’s mounting military and diplomatic assertiveness?



Hanna Song

Executive Director

Database Center for North Korean Human Rights

Illuminating North Korea's Human Rights Crisis: The Role of the International Community

The international community has a long history, marked by various milestones, notably at the United Nations, to address the dire human rights situation. Through civil society’s relentless advocacy, the UN has passed resolutions on North Korean human rights for over twenty years,

Current Affairs Analysis


Yongmin Kim

Konkuk University

The implications of the G7 Summit for the security environment on the Korean Peninsula.

The G7 Summit was convened once again this year in Italy from 13 to 15 June. In contrast to the G7 held in Japan last year, this year's meeting did not extend an invitation to South Korea and instead focused on European affairs. This further illustrates...


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