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Newsletter by SAND

2024. 5.17 Number 27  |  publisher kyong-hui Choi


South And North Development


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Just as Sand means sand in English, the SAND Research Institute will fill the empty space in inter-Korean relations and North Korea research amid the social focus, and communicate with society with a confident attitude and innovative research results. The SAND Research Institute, comprised of researchers from North and South Korea, will play its role as the main material to build a new 'house of unification' and pave the 'path to unification', just as sand is used as a key material for semiconductors in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Issue Brief


Lee Dong-min

Professor of Political Science and International Relations at Dankook University

Mr Macron hosted the president at the Elysee Palace on Monday morning. Pic: Reuters

Evaluation of Chinese President Xi Jinping's Visit to France and Its Implications for North Korea

Chinese President Xi Jinping began his European tour on May 7, visiting France first, followed by Hungary and Serbia. During his meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron, Xi stated that this visit would spread...

Academic Article


Kim Philo

Associate Professor at the Institute for Peace and Unification Studies (IPUS), 
Seoul National University

Exploring South Korea's Response to North Korea's "Two-State" Policy: Vision for New Peninsula Unification and Creative Engagement (Part 2)

Most directly, North Korea's actions can be seen as measures to block the negative effects on regime cohesion stemming from the economic disparity with South Korea. Considering the economic gap between the two Koreas,...

Current Affairs Analysi


Oh Seung-hee

Research Professor at the Institute for Japanese Studies, SNU

Recent China-Japan Relations and Prospects: Building Cooperation and Managing Conflicts in the Post-Covid Era

On April 23rd, the Korean Central News Agency reported that "units with the 600mm Super-large Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS) took part in their inaugural comprehensive nuclear retaliatory tactical exercise."...



Kang Dong-wan

Professor at Dong-A University

China's Inhumane Crimes: When Will They Stop?

China has once again committed an inhumane act, leaving us heartbroken and distressed. Human Rights Watch (HRW) reported that the Chinese government forcibly repatriated about 60 North Korean defectors on the 26th of last month...

Defectors' Podium


Will the Serious Human Rights Violations Against North Korean Women in China Ever End?

Korean women traditionally dedicated their lives to caring for their families, and it is heartbreaking that these innocent women had to endure degradation and shame throughout history...



Choi Kyong-hui

President of SAND and doctor of Political Science at the University of Tokyo

Different Family Affection for Parents: Observing the Differences in Filial Piety Culture between North and South Korea

Feature Article Series


Jeon Byung-kil

Senior Consultant of YESInnovation former of Secretary General of UniKorea Foundation

Marketing In North Korea
- To kick off the series(1)

NK Focus


The 70-floor apartment on Ryomyong Street in Pyongyang, completed in 2017 / Meari

Why North Korean Residents are Reluctant to Live in Pyongyang's High-Rise New Town

North Korea has operated several social media accounts for public relations purposes, including a YouTube account featuring female university students in Pyongyang

Videos posted on the account show them introducing new ice cream flavors at an ice cream parlor, going to an amusement park and jogging along the Taedong River.

They also eat hamburgers, go to beauty salons to get their hair done, and go to stores to shop for various goods. Looking at the products on display in the stores, it seems that there is a wider variety of manufactured goods produced in North Korea than before, and the packaging ...

Kim Myongsung’s Inside North Korea

Image: Korean Central Television


Image: Korean Central Television


Image: Korean Central Television


Kim Myungsung

SAND's Secretary
General Editor for the SAND Newsletter

Image: Korean Central Television


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